Where to see Highland cows in Dumfries & Galloway

The Highland cow (or coo) is one of Scotland’s leading cultural icons. You can see them on everything, from mugs to toys to art, including the popular Heather McCoo! However, nothing compares to meeting one of these stunning animals in real life, and it’s something on many people’s Scotland to-do list. When deciding on where to see Highland cows, it’s good to know about nearby options in Dumfries & Galloway.

Although coos can often be seen by the roadside, if you are on a mission to photograph one you might want to know where you can reliably get close to the moo coos. Fortunately, there are places in Scotland which offer just that opportunity, and they are not just in the Highlands with plenty of coos living near Coorie Retreats.

A baby and adult Highland cow looking at the camera with a loch in the background.

Kitchen Coos & Ewes

As well as a fantastic name, this venue offers the chance to get up close with a herd of friendly Highland cows. Only half an hour away in the car, it is described as a ‘farmer-led Highland cow safari’. You will enjoy a tractor trailer ride through the cows’ natural environment, offering perfect opportunities to take memorable photos. 

This is a hugely popular experience, and it isn’t open all year round. It’s vital that you book before you travel there as they can sometimes be booked up months in advance. You can find out more about Kitchen Coos & Ewes here.

Williamwood Farm Country Cottages

Further into Dumfries & Gallow is another place you can get a guaranteed sighting of Highland cows. Williamwood Farm Country Cottages offers a wonderful day out in the countryside, with the added bonus of seeing Highland cows getting on with their day. You can also spend time walking in woods and around a beautiful loch.

This location is around a two hour drive east from Coorie Retreats. This means that it’s best to plan it in as a larger day out exploring the region. Find out more about the Highland cows here.

Some Highland cows in a dark forest walking towards the camera on a path.

Galloway Forest Park

Are you looking to discover a Highland cow in the wild all by yourself? If you have an adventurous spirit, then take a trip into Galloway Forest Park. There are cows kept in farmland all around the area, moving from season to season, so keep your eyes peeled as you stroll through the UK’s largest forest park. There’s plenty of other wildlife to be seen here too. But if your day ends without a glimpse of a coo then don’t worry. This is a Dark Skies park, meaning you are going to get one of the best views of the night sky anywhere in the world. 

Find out more about Galloway Forest Park here. 

Dumfries & Galloway Highland Cows

Deciding where to see Highland cows means planning a trip either to a farm or into the wild countryside of Scotland. Whichever you choose, you are sure to enjoy the scenery and wildlife of our beautiful country, whether a coo visits you or not! Make the most of your time in the south west of Scotland and book a break with us at Coorie Retreats. Our luxurious glamping offers the finest place to stay, whilst still being within reach of Highland cows. Find out more about our glamping units here