Top 10 Dog Walks Near Coorie Retreats

Coorie Retreats near Stranraer is a dog friendly escape into the stunning countryside of Scotland. It’s the perfect time to explore with your pup and discover areas of scenic beauty and quiet corners. Located near Portpatrick, you will have access to rugged coastline, beautiful beaches, and lush countryside. There are plenty of trails for everyone to enjoy. So here are 10 of the best dog walks in Dumfries and Galloway you can enjoy when staying with us.

Killantringan Lighthouse in Dumfries and Galloway, surrounded by choppy sea.

1. Portpatrick to Killantringan Lighthouse

This 6.5 mile coastal walk offers breathtaking views of the Irish Sea. Starting from Portpatrick harbour, the path follows the rugged coastline to the historic Killantringan Lighthouse. If you are looking for coastal views and a hit of fresh sea air, then this is the walk for you. It is a circular walk, and you should allow around 3-4 hours to complete.

2. Dunskey Glen and waterfall

Dunskey Glen is a captivating area to walk with your dog, who will love exploring its picturesque waterfall and woodland trails. It’s a serene and beautiful spot perfect for a leisurely stroll, taking in coastal scenery too. Parking is available at Dunskey House Gardens, where you can also enjoy a drink and bite to eat from March to October. This circular walk is around 4 miles long, and should take most people about 2 hours to complete. Click here to open a PDF to find out more

3. Portpatrick cliff walk

This circular route offers stunning views from the cliffs above Portpatrick. The walk starts from the harbour and takes you along the coastal path, providing panoramic views of the sea and surrounding landscape. It’s also a chance to explore the ruins of Dunskey Castle, a 16th century tower built on the cliff top. This short circular walk is around 1.25 miles, and takes an hour to complete. 

The harbour at Portpatrick.

4. Loch Ryan coastal path

This walk was opened in 2009 and offers great views around Stranraer. It’s a long walk of nearly 12 miles, meaning you should set aside a full day to properly enjoy the Loch Ryan coastal path. However, you can enjoy the easier coastal first half on its own, only taking on the second half along the moors if you feel up to a challenge. 

5. Ardwell Bay

Ardwell Bay is a smashing sandy beach to take your dog. Only a short drive from Coorie Retreats, it has plenty of room to run, play and swim – and the dog can do those things too! The coastal scenery is stunning, making it a perfect spot for relaxing dog walks in Dumfries and Galloway.

6. Galloway Forest Park

A bit further afield, Galloway Forest Park offers a range of walking trails through stunning landscapes. From forest paths to hill walks, there’s something for everyone and plenty of space to escape and be with those you love the most. The park is known for its dark skies, making it a great place to come at night and take in the majesty of the stars and planets that you never get to see in a city.

Galloway Forest with a loch in the foreground and hills in the background.

7. Torrs Warren Forest

This coastal forest offers a peaceful setting for a dog walk, with plenty of wildlife to keep an eye out for as it is a Special Area of Conservation. With numerous trails winding through pine forests and heathland, Torrs Warren Forest is a great spot for exploring and enjoying the natural beauty of the region.

8. Glenluce Abbey and River Walk

Explore the historical ruins of Glenluce Abbey and enjoy a picturesque walk along the River Luce. The abbey grounds and surrounding paths are perfect for a leisurely walk with your dog. The abbey is now a ruin, but is good to explore. 

9. Sandhead Beach

Sandhead Beach offers a long stretch of sandy shoreline perfect for a beach walk with your dog. Located a short drive from Portpatrick, the beach is ideal for letting your dog run and play while you enjoy the coastal views. There are plenty of car parking spots and picnic tables to enjoy a whole day out. 

10. Mull of Galloway Trail

This long-distance trail  – over 25 miles – stretches from the Mull of Galloway to Stranraer, passing through beautiful coastal and countryside landscapes. You can choose a section of the trail that suits your desired distance and enjoy a scenic walk with your dog.

Enjoy the scenery then relax at Coorie Retreats

Portpatrick and its surrounding areas offer a fantastic variety of dog walks in Dumfries and Galloway. From stunning coastal paths and peaceful forest trails to historical sites and beautiful beaches, we have it all! Whether you’re looking for a short stroll or a longer hike, there’s plenty of opportunity to enjoy this little corner of Scotland. Take a look at our special offers, including our dog-friendly offer to bring your dogs for free when staying midweek.